No Man's Sky

Hi everyone,

This update has a lot of exciting additions and balances. Tactical Map Markers have been added for better communication between Squad and Duo teams. We’ve added more spawn kit options in Custom Matches and Camp Jackal as a playable map in War Mode: Conquest. Our largest focus in this patch was rebalancing aspects of Vikendi. Following feedback on our first round of Vikendi rebalancing, we have tweaked the spawn rates to better equip players for long range fights.

In addition to info on the updates, with Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card winding down we’ve got details on how long you have to collect your XP and rewards, so definitely jump in there for the last few weeks and complete as many missions as you can.

We’ve got several new UI improvements and general Quality of Life improvements across the game. You can get all the details on the changes and additions made in Update #29 below.

Mid-Update Bugfixes


  • Fixed an issue where killfeed messages appear inaccurate when a player is killed by frag grenades in certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes characters appear to be floating above the ground while running.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players located near the water do not receive damage from frag grenades exploding in the shallow water near them.

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

End-date of Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

  • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will end on June 5th, when live servers enter maintenance.
    • You will have until June 26th to claim earned rewards and purchase items from the coupon shop. See the Grace Period section below for more information.
    • Premium Pass and Level Up Tickets can only be purchased and up until live server maintenance on June 5th.
  • Time remaining for the Survivor Pass will be displayed in-game for two weeks prior to the end-date.
    • When purchasing Survivor Pass Premium, players will be shown the pass end date to confirm whether they want to purchase the pass.

Results Summary

  • Once the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card ends, you can view your achievements and detailed information about acquired rewards, levels achieved, and mission status on the results page.
  • Additional information:
    • You can check your achievement completion percentage for each mission type (Daily, Weekly, Beginner, Premium) from the Missions tab.
    • You can view the total amount of rewards acquired on the Rewards tab.